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Youth Profile


age: 17 years old

gender: Female

birthdate: April 30, 1994

address: Pulilan,Bulacan

sy2011-12 level: 1st year college Not enrolled

She is the eldest child in the family. Her parents are both dressmaker and their earning varies from the number of products they produce. She has been enrolled for college studies last school year 2010-2011 first semester but her parents was not able to sustain her studies due to financial problem. She is academically outstanding and she gained a total average of 88.46% during her high school studies. Her parents would wish to send her to college but they could not manage to pay all the school fees in her studies. She decided to work as saleslady in a store so as to earn for their living.    She has positive outlook in life and she hopes to have an opportunity through the help of generous people.

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