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Youth Profile


age: 18 years old

gender: Female

birthdate: March 31, 1993

address: Bustos,Bulacan

sy2011-12 level: 1st year college Not enrolled

She had stopped schooling for almost two years after she graduated high school with the total average of 85.31%. She wants to pursue her studies but as much as she wanted to get into college studies her parents are economically not capable to send her to school. His father is a garbage truck driver and his salary is barely enough to sustain their daily needs. Her mother is a housekeeper and his father works hard to earn for their living. She understand their present living condition so she decided to work as sales lady in a grocery store while waiting for an opportunity to get support through the help of generous people. In the meantime she helps her parents augment their daily needs. Moreover, she dreamed to pursue college studies in order to better help her parents improve their economic condition.

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