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Child Profile


age: 10 years old

gender: Female

birthdate: July 3, 2001

address: Bustos,Bulacan

sy2011-12 level: Grade 5 at the Catacte Elementary School

She is the eldest child in the family. Her mother often vends vegetable and native food in order to provide their daily needs. Her father is a laborer and earns only when there is an available job. They live in the house made of light materials such as bamboo and metal sheet. She has two younger siblings whom she often tends to when her parents have to work far away. Often her parents have no income earned so she is forced to be absent from class because they don’t have enough money to provide a  proper meal in a day. Since her parents don’t have a stable job, she sometimes forgets to enjoy her childhood years because she has to help her parents in their work. She loves to go to school and she has dreams too like any other kid.

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