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Youth Profile


age: 16 years old

gender: Female

birthdate: December 2, 1994

address: Bustos,Bulacan

sy2011-12 level: 1st year college BS in Civil Engineering at Bulacan State University

She is the eldest child among two siblings. She graduated high school with the general average of 88.75 % in Tibagan National High School. She studies very hard because she valued the education granted by her parents, however, she looks forward to the possible help the sponsorship could offer because her parents has no other means to financially support her college studies. Her father is a farmer and her mother works as dress maker before but had stop working due to illness. She takes Engineering course in Bulacan State University and she perseveres hard to finish her studies despite the poor economic condition they have so that someday she may able to pay back her gratitude toward parents, relatives and serve her countrymen.

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