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Youth Profile


age: 18 years old

gender: Male

birthdate: January 20, 1993

sy2011-12 level: 4th year high school at the National Orthopedic Hospital School for Crippled Children

Mark is the 3rd among 4 children He has a Paraperesis secto Demyecinating disease. He is sheltered in Bahay Mapagmahal, Home for Disabled Children because of his physical condition. Mark is a 4th year student in National School for Crippled Children. According to the care giver in the center, Mark is academically good. He is also helpful and industrious. He loves to play guitar. Mark’s dream is to become a congressman someday.
Mark’s mother works as a housemaid in Tandang Sora, Quezon City earning Php 4,000.00 monthly. As a sole earner of the family, she cannot provide the expenses of the children especially Mark is also pays Php 250 per month in the center as a dorm fee. Mark articulated that he might not continue his education in college because his mother cannot afford to send him to school.

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