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Youth Profile


age: 20 years old

gender: Female

birthdate: November 30, 1990

sy2011-12 level: 1st year college

Marry Grace is the fourth child among 6 children of the separated couple. When she was 4 years old, she was accidently fell down in the fishpond that caused fracture of her right leg. Such incident, she was confined in National Orthopedic Hospital for more than 1 year. After her confinement in the said hospital she was transferred in Bahay Mapagmahal, Home for Disabled Children for her full recovery. In the center, she learned to play different instruments like guitar, banduria, organ and flute. She took up Bachelor Music in Sta. Isabel College but stop due to financial constraints.
Her parents are separated for a very long time. Her father has another family while her mother is a single parent. Her mother is a care giver earns Php 6, 000.00 which supports their daily needs.

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