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Child Profile


age: 12 years old

gender: Male

birthdate: April 8, 1999

address: Bustos,Bulacan

sy2011-12 level: Grade 6 at the Catacte Elementary School

He is the eldest child in the family. He has general average of 83.35% in the previous grade level and his mother is proud of her son’s determination to get good grades. He is thankful for having hardworking parents who never get tired supporting his studies despite their poor economic living condition. His father is a laborer and earns meager amount only when there is available job. Her mother vends native food to sustain their every day consumption. He has five younger siblings and three were also attending school. He goes to school regularly and often had not eaten proper meal for breakfast. He perseveres hard in his studies because he wants to help his own family someday.

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